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  • 100% Order Garantie
  • Goedkope & Competitieve Prijzen
  • Zeker & Veilige Transactie
  • Geldig & Authentieke Tickets
  • Bezorging Op elke Tijd naar Elk Adres
  • Vaardige Klantenservice Team
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Why Are Prices Higher Than Face Value (Price Printed On The Ticket)?

Football Ticket Net guarantees to sell football tickets at reasonable and cheap prices - these prices are determined due to the market demand and evaluated by our specialists all the time.
Every match is evaluated according to the demand it has and according the difficulty to get tickets for it - the higher the demand and the difficulty is the higher the price will be.

Are My Football Tickets Guaranteed?

Football Ticket Net guarantees you will receive the tickets you ordered (comparable or better). Every order which is paid and not suspected as a fraud one is guaranteed, our customer's satisfaction is the most important thing for us - that is why all orders are guaranteed. You will be refunded if the event is canceled and not rescheduled.

Are My Football Tickets With The Home/Away Supporters?

Football Ticket Net guarantees that all her tickets are located with the home supporters or natural supporters (if relevant) unless specified else.
For seating with the away supporters you can choose Away Section which means - tickets with away the supporters, for example if you buy tickets for: Chelsea vs. Arsenal - so the Away Section will be seated with the Arsenal supporters (the visiting team), all the rest of the categories will be seated with Chelsea supporters (the home team), Therefore Football Ticket Net advises not to wear colors of one team if you are seating in the area of the other team. (Stewarts may even refuse entry to those who wear different colors).

Are My Football Tickets Seated Together?

Football Ticket Net guarantees seats together. No one will be seating alone (unless he requested so or bought only one ticket or even bought tickets described as singles).
Football Ticket Net has no problem usually to obtain more than 2 seats together - it all depends on the match and how difficult it is.
For any special request for more than 2 seats together please contact us and we will do our best to assure you are seating together - the worse scenario can be in a case of buying 4 tickets is to seat 2 pairs nearby.

Why Can't I Know My Exact Seat Location While Booking My Tickets?

Football Ticket Net guarantees to get you the best tickets with the best location in the stadium. As you can see we use general categories such as long side and short side tickets due to the secondary market method which means that our suppliers cannot confirm in advance the exact seat location - only after sending them to you.

How And When Are My Football Tickets Delivered?

Football Ticket Net guarantees to deliver your tickets only in a secure & safe process and on time for the match. The tickets are dispatched to you as soon as possible, usually 3-7 days prior the match and in most cases the tickets are arriving to our customers 1-2 days before the match or sometimes even in the match-day morning.Be sure that we will always deliver the tickets to our customers on the time and you will have them in your hand before the match starts.

There are four ways we deliver tickets:
1 - By post (Local or International) - you will receive a tracking number so you can track and know exactly when you should expect the envelope.

2 - By a private courier - hand delivery to any address or hotel.
Please make sure you provide us a correct and secure address and make sure that someone is there to sign for the shipment.
If no one is available at the address for signing the shipment you will get a "while you were out card" - which means that your shipment will be waiting for you at the local post office (full address will be mentioned at the back of the card)
In case of staying at a hotel you authorize anyone at the hotel (usually the reception or concierge) to sign for your envelope on behalf of you and to keep it for you until you pick it up from them. Please make sure to inform your hotel to expect a delivery for you.

3 - Box Office Collection / Ticket Pick Up Point. In some cases where tickets could not be delivered tickets will be available for collection at the venue box office, or a pick up from one of our representatives.

4 - e-Tickets (Electronic Ticket to print at home).

Why Do I Have To Provide A Proof Of My Details?

Football Ticket Net guarantees to make sure that your personal information will be safe & secured (please read our Privacy Policy).
There is a possibility that you will be asked to present us a proof of your identity so we will be able to verify and accept your order - this is due to the increasing fraudulent credit and debit cards online.
If no proof of identity will be presented to us - we will cancel this order.

Can I Cancel My Football Tickets Once Purchased?

Football Ticket Net guarantees every order - therefore no cancellation, refund or exchange is possible for any reason unless a match was cancelled and not rescheduled.
Please refer to our Terms & Conditions regarding this issue.
If you have a major problem - please contact us and together we will find a solution which will satisfy both sides.

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100% Order Garantie

Football Ticket Net geeft jou 100% garantie op jouw bestelling:U zult de tickets ontvangen die u hebt besteld (accuraat, vergelijkbaar of beter), Let op dat niet alle websites jouw tickets garanderen of jouw categorie. U zult worden terugbetaald als het evenement wordt geannuleerd en niet word verplaatst.

100% Goedkoop & Concurrerende prijzen

Football Ticket Net geeft jou 100% garantie op haar prijzen: Wij streven ernaar om onze tickets zo goedkoop mogelijk te maken. Op zijn minst competitief en eerlijk te zijn voor elke evenement. Wij kunnen trots melden dat onze prijzen erin zijn geslaagd (en nog steeds ) de marktprijzen bepalen (volgens onze overheersende en grootste bedrijf in Europa). Onze concurrenten en andere websites gebruiken onze prijs rang en categorie als model voor zichzelf. Wij adviseren u om de laatste prijzen of websites zorgvuldig te controlleren die in prijs laag zijn in het begin. 

100% Zeker & Veilig Transactie

Football Ticket Net geeft jou 100% garantie op jouw privacy:Wij nemen u privacy zeer serieus. Wees gerust dat uw transactie en persoonlijke gegevens veilig en zeker worden bewaard met onze SSL 256 bit encryptie dat is de meest beveiligde,betrouwbare en snelste online betaalmethode.

100% Geldig & Authentieke Tickets

Football Ticket Net geeft jou 100% garantie voor je tickets: Onze tickets die we bezorgen zijn 100% geldig en authentiek – we werken alleen met erkende en betrouwbare leveranciers die wij zelf geselecteerd hebben en hebben uitgekozen de gedurende afgelopen jaren.

100% Bezorging op tijd naar elk adres

Football Ticket Net geeft jou 100% garantie op jouw bezorging: U zal uw tickets op tijd ontvangen voor de wedstrijd; Kan in elk hotel, kantoor of een ander verblijf adres. Wij gebruiken alleen achtenswaardig of hoge kwalitatieve bewezen koeriersbedrijven.

100% vaardige Klantenservice Team

Football Ticket Net geeft jou  100% garantie op zijn kwalitatieve personeel en service: Wij hebben er veel moeite ingestokken,wij hebben een vaardig en profesioneel klantenservice team klaar staan voor jou. Wij garanderen de beste professionele service in de markt.

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