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Fulham FC v. Newcastle - May It Be

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Fulham Vs Newcastle

Fulham FC v. Newcastle United; You Don't Want To Miss This!

When it comes down to football, fans and enthusiasts alike take the premier league quite seriously, all in good fun, of course. Bets are made, people shed tears when their club lose and overall it is an intriguing yet touching moment, when the final score is known, and the fans have felt all the amazing emotions that come with attending a world class professional football match.

And so it is, as two amazing clubs will be going head to head against each other on the pitch, in the battle for more Premier League honors. These clubs are none other than Fulham FC (currently ranked 19 out of 20 and potentially being relegated) and Newcastle United (currently ranked 13 out of 20 teams).

This is almost surely going to be a match to behold. The venue is at Craven Cottage, situated in London, United Kingdom. The match will be played on the 12th of May. So if you’re a fan, be sure to be there.

Meanwhile, have you wondered what you really know about these clubs? Or, to put it another way, if you were asked to talk about Fulham FC and Newcastle United, would you be able to say five interesting facts about them?

Well good news for you if you’re one of those people that are not Newcastle trivia masters or Fulham FC history experts. This article is here to save you from social awkwardness and club culture cluelessness, with a bunch of fun facts you can talk about with fans of either club, and football fans in general, wherever you are around the world.

Let's Talk About Fulham FC

It was not until the year 1907 that Fulham joined the British Football League as a member. Their best result while in Division One was when they came out in seventh place back in 2009.

With this, the club qualified for the European league and went on to reach the final stage in the year 2010.

Do you know the prominent names that have been a large part of the club for so many years? Names like Bobby Moore, Rodney Marsh, Johnny Haynes, and so many others. They are among the greatest footballers of Fulham’s club history.

Have you any idea who purchased Fulham back in 1997? Surprising as it may be to some readers, it was none other than Mohammed Al-Fayed.

There have been two Fulham FC players who are the only players to represent their nations in Barclay’s Premier League; Seychelles' Kevin Betsy and Pakistan’s Zesh Rehman.

Some other fun facts to know about Fulham include;

  • The club is actually the oldest professional football club from London. We know you may have thought large clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal, and even Spurs held this position, but no, Fulham really is the oldest.

  • With all the matches won by England, there is always a Fulham player in their midst.

  • After competing in both the League Cup and FA Cup, they got relegated when they finished in the 19th position (out of 20) on the Premier League rankings table.

  • Did you know that at first, the club's name was simply called Fulham St. Andrew's Church Sunday School F.C.? It’s true. That name, as long as it is, was the name given to the club, all the way back in 1879.

  • Fulham went from being an amateur club to a professional football club in the year 1898 and began wearing their white-on-white kit in 1903. It was in 1907 that they joined the football league.

  • During their first season in the Second Division, they came in fourth. That was to be as good as it gets, at least so far in their history.

  • Things did not look so good for the club in 2010 when Roy Hodgson left the club.

  • Billionaire US businessman Shahid Khan purchased the club in 2013 for an estimated £150 - £250 million. The actual amount was undisclosed.

  • A mixed bag of tumult led to Fulham FC’s relegation in 2014 and a near relegation in 2015 from the championship.

Fun Facts About Newcastle United

This club is highly notable as it is rich in history and has generated lots of great footballers since its inception as a football club.

Newcastle United have actually won six FA cups, a Charity Shield, four League Championship titles, UEFA inter cup, and they are also rated as having the ninth highest overall total of trophies to have been won as an English club.

Some more interesting facts about Newcastle United include;

  • Did you know that the highest transfer fee to have been received for a Newcastle player is a whopping £35 million? This was for Andy Carroll.

  • The most goals scored in a single match by an individual is a record held by Andy Cole, Shearer and Jermain Defoe. Each of these Newcastle players scored a total number of five goals in a single match.

  • When they attained the third position in the Premier League back in 1993/1994, they held the record of the highest finish on the table. This was done by a promoted club.

  • Did you know that they once played matches wearing red and white kits? However, that color is being worn by their arch rivals; Sunderland.

Meanwhile, they participated in the first ever football league match to be played under floodlights. In this historic 1956 match, Newcastle United played against Portsmouth.

The Battle Ground; Craven Cottage

This is where the match will be held, and it has been the longtime home of Fulham FC; since 1896.

If you have no idea where the stadium is located, here is what you need to know. It is situated in the London borough of Fulham and Hammersmith. It is bounded by the River Thames to the West and has Stevenage Park to the North and Bishop Park to its South.

Before they called Craven Cottage home, Fulham FC had to play on a number of different grounds in and around West London.

However, Fulham FC committed significant efforts in the 1960s and 1970s to maintain and transform Craven Cottage with major upgrades. And they erected floodlights and a building by the Riverside stand.

What’s The Culture Of The Locals In Fulham?

Visiting Fulham for the anticipated match, you will be pleased with the culture and environment of Fulham. There are interesting places to visit while there such as;

  • Token Interior

This is a combination of a shop, tea room, art, and craft plus a music room. It is the idea behind this amazing place that entices visitors to create new hobbies from scratch. You can learn a musical instrument, try out needle crafting and even meet people trying it out just like you, while you’re visiting.

  • St. Clements

This a local British cafe’ experience. It is largely defined in the way that it caters to the simple pleasures of life. It has seasonal foods, vast organically baked goods, fresh coffee plus anything and everything that will interest you.

  • Fulham Palace

What would you call your visit without taking a trip down the Fulham Palace? Well, you can spend a day walking around the museum, garden, and diverse exhibitions available. Given all of the massive excited energy around the football match, these other diversions can give your visit the perfect balance with the slightly calmer culturally enriching experiences they offer.

Final Score

A tour around Fulham will leave you dazzled and amazed, however, the spotlight is back on the impending match that will go down on the 12th of May. Do not miss out on it for any reason whatsoever. If you are hoping on either club to win, then fingers crossed that the best club will take home the victory.